Jaguar XJS Styling

The XJS is a beautifully stylish classic, it was never meant to be a sports car like the much loved E-type it replaced. Instead it was always designed to be a stylish, comfortable, but fast GT (Grand Tourer). The Jaguar XJS styling did evolve over the years, with many minor changes, before the cars were “facelifted” in 1991 and then updated again into the later “big bumper models. However, the essence of the car remained true to it’s initial design. On this page is a selection of images emphasising that style…

Jaguar XJS facelift front corner

Twin Headlamp Conversion

Classic Jaguar XJS 15" lattice alloy

The most common XJS wheel: The Lattice Alloy

Jaguar XJS Manual Gearstick

The XJS did come with a 5 speed manual

The rear quarter showing the chrome bumper blades and electric aerial location.

The boot area holds the battery and spare wheel, but is still big enough for the golf clubs… Just!

The rear side window of a face lift XJS, displaying the XJS name.

The early XJS V12 HE’s came with these very attractive Starfish Alloys.

This more stylish steering wheel replaced the earlier wheel in the late 80’s.

The XJS is not renowned for its interior space especially in the rear, if practicality is your aim an XJ6 may be more suitable.

V12 XJS’s had a flat central panel on their bonnet, but when the 6 cylinder cars were introduced the bonnet gained a hump, all later XJS’s came with the raised 6 cylinder bonnet…

Lovely diamond turned 5 spoke alloys as fitted to later facelift cars…

A lovely British Racing Green Facelift XJS displaying its twin exhaust on a cold autumn morning…