Jaguar XJS Time line

On the 10th September 1975 the Jaguar XJS was launched to such advertising slogans as today is a “Black day for Modena, Stuttgart and Turin”. In reality it is fair to say that the XJS hardly took the world by storm upon its launch, a 5.3 ltr V12 launched in a fuel crisis.

Add to that styling that was considered very unusual, especially on a Jaguar and initial poor build quality a la British Leyland all took their toll on the XJS. It was never going to be an easy job following on from the Legendary Jaguar E-type. However, with subtle re-engineering and styling changes over it’s 21 year production run the XJS has rightly become a well respected member of the Browns Lane Stable.

1975: The fabulous new Jaguar XJS is launched in V12 form only with a 3 speed auto or 4 speed manual transmission. These early cars featured full black bumpers, Kent alloys, but no wood trim.
July 1981: The XJS V12 HE (High Efficiency) is launched with redesigned combustion chambers that increase both performance and fuel economy. Added to this were improved styling touches including chrome bumper blades, more leather, wood veneers and stylish starfish alloys.

1983: The all new Jaguar XJS 3.6 is launched with the newly developed AJ6 engine from the XJ40, it is launched in manual form only.

The 3.6 is also launched with a new Cabriolet body style followed in 1985 by the V12 version.

1987: The XJS 3.6 is now available with a 4 speed auto transmission, cross spoke lattice alloys and a thinner body stripe.
April 1988: Jaguar introduces the new XJS Convertible which replaces the rare Cabriolet version.
May 1988: The first XJR-S’s are built to commemorate Jaguars Le Mans success. Initially, with the 5.3 ltr V12 engine, however by 1989 this has been increased to a mighty 6.0 ltrs.
May 1991: The XJS receives a facelift with particular attention paid to the rear end styling, including new rear lights and side windows. The 3.6 engine is increased in capacity to 4.0 litres.
1993: The XJS gains large molded bumpers, new alloys and the 5.3Ltr V12 is replaced by the 308bhp 6.0ltrv V12.

1995: The V12 cars are discontinued and the XJS goes into it’s final
“Celebration” guise with the addition of a brand new engine
known as the 4.0ltr 240bhp AJ16, which is borrowed from the
new X300 XJ6.

1996: After a 21 year production run and over 100,000 cars sold the XJS is replaced by the all new Jaguar XK8.
Pre Facelift rear end 1975-91
Facelift rear end 1991-96